Fissure ML Inc.: The Foundation Repair Experts

Don’t Trust the Work to Just Anyone
The causes for cracks can originate from the ground or the building itself. In any case, repairing cracks requires a team of professionals who know their stuff. This is why many home owners and project managers choose Fissure ML Inc. in Laval, in Saint-Eustache and on the North Shore for a variety problems related to foundations and French drains.
As a building owner, whether it is your home or your business, you need to have a foundation that is both solid and waterproof. At Fissure ML Inc., we offer the best solutions to help protect the most important stabilizing element of all buildings: the foundation.

By entrusting the installation of a French drain and dry base to our seasoned professionals, you will give your foundation better protection against damage caused by water, moisture and cracking.
Trust the real specialists. At Fissure M.L. Inc., no matter the problem, we will find the best solution, at the best possible price.

Your work is taken care of from start to finish, to guarantee you get exactly the results you are looking for.

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